Reduce the risk of contamination in the food industry

food industry

How to do it with the industrial vacuum cleaner

The production laboratories, as well as the entire environment within which production takes place in the food industry,  are constantly subject to the risk of contamination. In fact, as all companies are committed through extremely stringent policies to control airborne contaminants, temperature, humidity, and other factors, it is virtually impossible to build and maintain an environment completely free of contaminants, as long as there is staff who must work there. However, although it is almost impossible to have totally controlled environments, acceptable cleaning levels can be defined and maintained according to the areas.

How to break down the risk of contamination in the food industry?

The industrial vacuum cleaner is surely the answer to the most simple and effective application. Silent, efficient and reliable, Delfin industrial vacuum cleaners for the food industry are divided into four main categories:
  1. Mobile industrial vacuums/vacuum cleaners for general cleaning of production environments
  2. ATEX vacuum cleaners certified for cleaning in areas at risk of an explosion: typically required and used in mills, in industrial bakeries, in sugar refineries and wherever there is an explosion risk zone
  3. Modular industrial vacuums suitable for integration on OEM machinery
  4. Centralized suction systems: designed to meet the needs of the customer, they represent the most efficient and effective turnkey solution for cleaning and/or transporting large quantities of materials from one area of the plant to another.
All Delfin industrial vacuum cleaners are built according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) indications for which they have smooth surfaces, without sharp edges or cavities to avoid accumulation of dust.
Delfin exhaust fans guarantee:
  1. The maximum quality of the finished product: eliminating dust from the work environment and from production machinery means avoiding potential contamination which will maintain very high-quality standards.
  2. Eliminating machine downtime: a mobile vacuum cleaner, like a centralized suction system, allows to reduce cleaning times to a minimum, thus avoiding the need to stop production for the sanitization of machinery.
  3. Maximum operator protection: the certified filters, the comfortable and functional accessories guarantee the absence of dust in the air and the total wholesomeness of the environment while providing a pleasant user experience for the user.
  4. ATEX certified safety: ATEX Delfin vacuum cleaners prevent any possibility of priming and explosion of powders such as flour, sugar, cereals, etc.


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