Professional or industrial vacuum cleaner? Which is the best for your needs?

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Professional or industrial vacuum cleaner? Which is the best for your needs?

A vacuum cleaner is just a tool for floor cleaning, isn’t it? All vacuum cleaners are all similar and conceived just to clean up some dust, aren’t they? Well, actually it is quite the opposite: to choose a vacuum cleaner shouldn’t be so easy, especially for industrial purposes.

Do you think the best value for money is the best solution when it comes to choosing a commercial vacuum cleaner? Do you think this machine will be sufficiently performant or long lasting for your specific applications? After all, consider that the largest part of professional vacuum cleaners is made to vacuum light material and for occasional use.

Industrial vacuum cleaner: sturdy and durable solution for heavy duty tasks

Regardless of the application, to suck large quantities of fine or wet dusts, liquids or solids on your field of application (construction, general contractors, woodworking, metalworking, car washing, cement working, sandblasting and any dust related work), you will need to choose a performant, safe and solid vacuum cleaner: an industrial vacuum cleaner.

This, is the only solution to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of work, thus improving the safety of both operators and employees.

Why buying an industrial vacuum cleaner instead of a professional one?

Each unit of an industrial vacuum cleaner has higher quality and engineering, which really makes the difference with a professional vacuum cleaner. Basically, this is the reason why it is important to choose quality rather than a cheap professional vacuum cleaner.

Motorhead: what makes the vacuum cleaner powerful

  • High-quality motor: Delfin always chooses the best qualitySingle-phase Lamb-Ametek motors allow to always keep top performances, until the very end of their durability.
  • Efficiency sensor and vacuum gauge: on each Delfin industrial vacuum cleaner, it is always possible to keep under control the efficiency of the filter and the water lift rate, thanks to the specific control-lights.
  • Soundproof material: every motor-head is filled with soundproof material, which controls the suction noise, even when using high power vacuum cleaners.
  • Sturdy construction: to guarantee its long life, regardless of the industry or the working conditions, the entire machine is made of steel. Indeed, the plastic used for professional vacuum cleaners considerably reduces the life of the vacuum cleaner and might hinder the perfect functionality, in every single application.

Professional vacuum cleaners are always balanced compromises between performance and cheap material. 

Filtration: what makes the vacuum cleaner durable

  • Large filter surface: industrial vacuum cleaners are equipped with wide surface filters with certified media class, ensuring longer life to the filters and avoiding any reinjection of dust into the environment.
  • Dedicated and certified filters: each vacuum cleaner can be equipped with the best fitting filter for its own application. As an example:

·         sucking up very fine dust during floor treatment or building operations requires wide surface and very high-efficiency filters, HEPA filters.  
·         specific applications like asbestos removal need special classifications and checks after every use
·         removing hot dust and debris from ovens requires special filters produced with special treatments for use with high temperatures. Professional vacuum cleaners lack adaptability, having their own set of standard filters, suitable for light and standard applications only.

  • Filter cleaning system: in all Delfin industrial vacuum cleaners, the filter cleaning system is easy and quick to use. To regularly clean the filter, guarantees the constant maximum filtration efficiency and the consequent maximum suction power. Only a few professional vacuum cleaners are equipped with a filter cleaning system, which implies the need to disassemble the vacuum to take off the filter and to clean it.
  • Worker health protection: thanks to the very high level of filtration and to the filter cleaning system, workers are well protected from fine dust, powders, and toxic particles. An efficient filtration avoids the reinjection in the air of the vacuumed dust. Filters installed in commercial vacuum cleaners are not designed to ensure the purity of the exhaust air compromising the hygiene of the working environment.

Collection: what makes the vacuum cleaner user-friendly

  • Greater capacity: industrial vacuum cleaners have been engineered for industrial applications. Larger capacity means more autonomy and more efficiency, thus increasing work time.
  • User-friendly: every industrial vacuum cleaner has a comfortable system to discharge the collected material, either a detachable container or an endless Longopac bag.
  • Stability of the machine: sturdy chassis and construction, wheels with break allow the comfort and safe use of the industrial vacuum cleaner.

The use of an industrial vacuum cleaner may significantly increase the safety and the efficiency of your business, farther more than a cheaper professional vacuum cleaner. When investing to solve your vacuum problems, always wonder if it is better to choose a long-lasting and reliable tool or a cheap product, which might stop working when you are in need.

If you decide to purchase an industrial vacuum cleaner, make sure it is a Delfin one. Our range of products covers all of the industrial applications and each vacuum can be fully customized to on your needs.

Quality is one of your goals, it is ours too.


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