LC1100 DS

The clean room is an environment whose main feature is the presence of very pure air, with a very low level of airborne dust microparticles. This type of laboratory is very much used in the field of chemical production, pharmaceuticals, precision mechanics and electronics. The purpose of the clean room is to preserve the processes that occur within them from contamination. The use of properly designed and manufactured industrial vacuum cleaner is therefore essential, for the proper maintenance and sanitation of these areas. Delfin’s vacuums for clean rooms are very specific machines, engineered on the unique requirements of the users. A range of specialized models are available for the extraction of solid, dusty, humid or liquid materials.

The industrial vacuum cleaner for clean rooms LC1100 DS is equipped with a by-pass engine. The motor is protected inside a cylinder head made of stainless steel AISI soundproof and designed to convey the outgoing air through the filter H14, which ensures the purity of the air. A vacuum gauge enables constant checking of the level of depression and the state of saturation of the filter, and to promptly detect any abnormalities.

Some advantages:

• Total Construction in stainless steel

• Autoclavable (up to 120 °, except for the engine head)

• Compliant with GMP standards

• Powerful and compact

• Possibility of bagging in “safe-bag” for toxic waste

• Up to 4 filtration stages installable


Voltage V 115
Frequency Hz 60
Power Hp(kW) 1.5(1.1)
Continuous water lift inH2O(mmH2O) 98.4(2500)
Continuous airflow CFM(m3/h) 105.9(180)
Surface - Diameter ft2(m2) 2(0.2)
Filter class (IEC 60335-2-69) L
Optional HEPA filter class H14
Capacity gal(lt) 7(25)
Noise level dB(A) 65
Dimensions in(cm) WxLxH 24x20x42(60x50x106)
Weight lbs(kg) 77(35)