DG VL 150 SE

The DG VL 110 SE and DG VL 150 SE get arduous cleaning tasks done easily with their advanced performances
in water lift for suctioning dense solids and liquids. These strongly built vacuums are able to endure
continuous collection of hard dust types often found at steel mills and sand blasting facilities.


• Compact, Mobile Design with RIng-Bolt and Fork Lift Intakes
• Maintenance-Free, Double-Stage Side Channel Blower for Continuous Use
• Tangential Suction Inlet with Separation Cyclone
• Sturdy Steel Construction with Operating Switchboard
• Pressure Relief Valve and Clog Guage for Motor / Filter Protection
• Integrated Semi-Automatic Filter Cleaning System


Voltage¹ V - Hz 460 - 60
Power HP (kW) 23.2 (17.3)
Electrical protection IP 65
Max water lift inH2O (mmH2O)
Continuous water lift inH2O (mmH2O) 208.7 (5300)
Continuous airflow CFM (m3/h) 494.4 (840)
Suction inlet in (mm) 5 (120)
Capacity gal. (L) 42 (160)
Noise level (EN ISO 3744) dB(A) 78
Dimensions in (cm) WxLxH 30x71x79 (77x180x200)
Weight lb (kg) 485 (220)
Primary filter Star
Filter surface ft2 (m2) 75 (7)
Media, class (IEC 60335-2-69)² Polyester - L
Air load on filter ft/min (m3/m2/h) 6.6 (121)
Cleaning system³ SELF CLEAN