DG VL 150 SE

The DG VL 150 SE furtherly improve the performances of the model DG VL 110 SE in terms of waterlift. The SE option identifies the models available with a two or three stage blower motor, providing additional performances in water lift. Recommended for pneumatic transport and vacuuming  heavy / dense materials, especially if placed below the vacuum unit. Very suitable for applications involving suction of heavy material, such as sand blasting, foundries, steel mills.

  • Heavy duty, powerful three phase vacuum.
  • High filtration capacity wtih SELF CLEAN system.
  • Integrated pressure relief valve.
  • Suitable for heavy duty applications, both in mobile service and central vacuum systems.


Voltage¹ V - Hz 460 - 60
Power HP (kW) 23.2 (17.3)
Electrical protection IP 65
Max water lift inH2O (mmH2O)
Continuous water lift inH2O (mmH2O) 208.7 (5300)
Continuous airflow CFM (m3/h) 494.4 (840)
Suction inlet in (mm) 5 (120)
Capacity gal. (lt.) 42 (160)
Noise level (EN ISO 3744) dB(A) 78
Dimensions in (cm) WxLxH 30x71x79 (77x180x200)
Weight lb (kg) 485 (220)
Primary filter Star
Surface, diameter ft2 (m2) 75 (7)
Media, class (IEC 60335-2-69)² Polyester - L
Air load on filter ft/min (m3/m2/h) 6.6 (121)
Cleaning system³ SELF CLEAN