DG 300 HD

All the power of 25 kW turbine, integrated automatic filter cleaning system, these are just some of the reasons why the DG300NHD is not only an industrial vacuum cleaner, but a real tool for material handling, the DG300 HD is capable of increasing the efficiency and productivity of an industry, from cement plants to foundries. Wherever there are large and heavy amounts of material (even cubic meters), these vacuums make the difference. Best when used as vacuum units on centralized vacuums systems in combination with Delfin’s  filtering and separating units.

  • Heavy duty vacuums for the hardest applications
  • Extra large filter surface  with integrated automatic filter cleaning
  • Detachable tank with  high collection capacity
  • Tangential suction inlet with integrated cyclone and pressure relief valves
  • Suitable for heavy duty applications, both in mobile service and central vacuum systems


Voltage¹ V - Hz 460 - 60
Power HP (kW) 38.9 (29)
Electrical protection IP 65
Max water lift inH2O (mmH2O)
Continuous water lift inH2O (mmH2O) 108.3 (2750)
Continuous airflow CFM (m3/h) 1471.4 (2500)
Suction inlet in (mm) 5(120)
Capacity gal. (lt.) 58 (220)
Noise level in (cm) WxLxH 78
Dimensions in (cm) WxLxH 36x87x87 (92x220x220)
Weight lb (kg) 1775 (805)
Primary filter Star
Surface, diameter ft2 (m2) 129 (12)
Media, class (IEC 60335-2-69)² Polyester - L
Air load on filter ft/min (m3/m2/h) 11.4 (208)
Cleaning system³ Automatic AUT