The Mistral Pharma 20 and Pharma 30 have the power to manage all types of dust. They were specifically
designed to meet higher standards for specialists within bioengineering fields, so they are undoubtedly qualified
to prevent microbial and cross-contamination in any industry.


• Compact and Mobile Design
• Maintenance-Free Side Channel Blower for Continuous Use
• Sturdy Steel Construction
• Sound Absorbing Material in Chassis for Motor Protection
• Integrated Filter Cleaning System
• Removable Collection Container with Large Capacity


Voltage¹ V - Hz 230/460 - 60
Power HP (kW) 3.4 (2.6)
Electrical protection IP 55
Continuous water lift inH2O (mmH2O) 78.7 (2000)
Continuous airflow CFM (m3/h) 220.7 (375)
Suction inlet in (mm) 2 (50)
Capacity gal. (L) 9 (33)
Noise level (EN ISO 3744) dB(A) 67
Dimensions in (cm) WxLxH 20x27x58 (52x69x147)
Weight lbs (kg) 165 (75)
Primary filter Cartridge
Filter surface ft2 (m2) 32 (3)
Media, class (IEC 60335-2-69)² Polyester - M
Air load on filter ft/min (m3/m2/h) 6.9 (127)
Cleaning system DUSTOP
Optional HEPA filter