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accessories for color-coded safety programs

Fight cross-contamination with color. Here’s how.

Is there color in your safety program?   With a natural presence of allergens, pathogens and foreign particulates in the air, color-coded safety programs have become a top trend for food and pharma leaders. Assigning colors to common tools is a simple and economic control measure to reduce risk of cross-contamination.   The concept of…

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FPSA Process Expo

This week, FPSA hosts the largest event in the food processing and packaging industry.

It’s an ever-changing industry. The food and beverage processing and packaging industry evolves very quickly. Companies like Delfin passionately align themselves with new innovations in safety and technology to guarantee they’re providing the safest and most effective solutions. In many ways, companies that achieve these goals are often influenced by FPSA. The Food Processing Suppliers…

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The focus of this case study is to show how Delfin Industrial’s vacuum cleaners helped achieve the customer’s goals when integrated on flow pack machinery.   Customer The customer is an original manufacturer leading in high-quality solutions to process, mold and pack chocolate. In order for the company to obtain its reputation, there is significant importance…

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Aluminum dust contained

The dangerous side of aluminum – 6 things to know

BENEFITS OF ALUMINUM VS DANGERS OF ALUMINUM DUST Aluminum provides vast benefits. Aluminum dust, on the other hand, is a serious problem. Aluminum has characteristics that can be easily modified to form alloys. Thanks to its ductility and resistance, it’s the one of the most popular metals used for fabrication.  Being so common, most adults…

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Pneumatic Conveyance Units

Pneumatic Conveyance: The safest solution for moving powders, granules and solids

  Handling materials is safer and easier than it’s ever been. Traditional mechanical transport systems are outdated. Conveyor belts, screw conveyors and bucket elevators have been used for many years, and the same complaints are echoed through the ages. The most common challenges are:   Risk of illness or injury Expensive maintenance Low productivity and…

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Reduce the risk of contamination in the food industry

How to do it with the industrial vacuum cleaner The production laboratories, as well as the entire environment within which production takes place in the food industry,  are constantly subject to the risk of contamination. In fact, as all companies are committed through extremely stringent policies to control airborne contaminants, temperature, humidity, and other factors, it is virtually impossible to…

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After several months of testing, Delfin Industrial is pleased to announce a complete range of NRTL certified (ETL listed) industrial vacuum cleaners for use in hazardous locations. The new range of vacuum systems is now Intertek ETL listed, certifying the conformity to the National Electric Code section 500 and the NFPA 652 standard’s housekeeping recommendations.…

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Industrial Vacuum Solution for Additive Manufacturing

Delfin is always looking for being at the top of vacuum technology. Today, Delfin is presenting its new safety solution for additive manufacturing 3D printers, engineered in collaboration with leading players of the market. Do additive manufacturing 3D printers need vacuum solutions? The printer machine creates objects and prototypes into a chamber filled with sand…

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How to prevent risks of an explosion in woodworking?

Wood chips resulting from woodworking in workshops lay down on the working environment and on production lines. The accumulation of chips represents a risk of fire and explosion, which must be reduced by constant cleaning and maintenance operations. The inflammable natural feature of wood powder entails the use of suctioning systems to guarantee the highest…

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Professional or industrial vacuum cleaner? Which is the best for your needs?

Professional or industrial vacuum cleaner? Which is the best for your needs? A vacuum cleaner is just a tool for floor cleaning, isn’t it? All vacuum cleaners are all similar and conceived just to clean up some dust, aren’t they? Well, actually it is quite the opposite: to choose a vacuum cleaner shouldn’t be so…

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