Pneumatic Conveyance: The safest solution for moving powders, granules and solids

Pneumatic Conveyance Units


Handling materials is safer and easier than it’s ever been.

Traditional mechanical transport systems are outdated. Conveyor belts, screw conveyors and bucket elevators have been used for many years, and the same complaints are echoed through the ages. The most common challenges are:


  • Risk of illness or injury
  • Expensive maintenance
  • Low productivity and frequent stalling
  • Limited space and transport ability
  • Product loss from contamination or overheating


Pneumatic conveyance solves all of the above. Delfin systems are a completely customized solution, and they can be built around any layout of any sized facility. With flexible tubing and easy assembly, setups can be moved or modified with little expense or effort.


How does it work?

Pneumatic conveyors use vacuum as a driving force to transfer material to the preferred location, which is usually at a packaging station or a designated point in an assembly line.

Delfin conveyors are programmed to offer several functions in addition to A-B transport, and there are options available for transporting material in dense phase or diluted phase. 

Download our technical flyer on Pneumatic Conveyance to learn more about functions, benefits and dense phase vs diluted phase.


Are there more benefits?



  • Boost productivity up to 30% with automation and faster speed
  • Improve hygiene with FDA certified components and quick sanitation
  • Reduce loss from spills, friction and cross-contamination 
  • Create open and obstacle-free areas to maximize efficiency
  • Minimize costs from maintenance and downtime
  • Prevent incidents caused by toxic or combustible dust


Types of Delfin Systems

Delfin’s conveyor range consists of air-operated systems (up to 1300 kg / h) and electric systems (up to 4000 kg / h).


Single-Phase Electric

  • Powerful bypass motor with independent cooling
  • ATEX z22 / NFPA compliant for Class II


Three-Phase Electric 

  • Quiet and powerful side-channel blower with low maintenance
  • ATEX z22 / NFPA compliant for Class II



  • Patented multi-jet Venturi system with low air intake and zero maintenance
  • ATEX z21 & 22 / NFPA compliant for Class I & II)


All systems feature:

  • FDA certified components 
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Easy integrability with pre-existing production lines
  • Certified filters with automatic cleaning system
  • Full customization and flexible tubing