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Industrial Vacuum Systems for Oil Extraction & Chip Removal

Machine operators in CNC subtractive and metal industries hourly deal with mass amounts of oil and chips. Consequently, workers face intense maintenance requirements, keeping the machines and the surrounding work environment clean. Additionally, with no means of recycling oil, much of it also goes to waste.

Delfin’s industrial vacuum cleaners extract oil from chips, separating the oil and recycling it for reuse in the operation while the container collects the chips. This system potentially saves the workers’ time and the employer’s overhead costs, especially considering how expensive the oils are.

Benefits of Delfin’s Oil and Chip Vacuum Cleaners:

  • Efficient oil extraction and recycling
  • Separate collection of metal chips
  • Time-saving for workers
  • Cost reduction for employers
  • Improved workplace cleanliness

Pre-Separators & More From Delfin

Our extraction solutions don’t stop at oil and chip vacuums. We also offer pre-separators for better material collection support. Pre-separators help to reduce the workload for vacuum filters and potentially increase the life of the vacuum.

Advantages of Pre-Separators:

  • Reduced workload for vacuum filters
  • Increased vacuum lifespan
  • Cooling of hot materials like metal chips prior to collection
  • Prevention of system overheating
  • Reduced need for future maintenance

Choose Delfin for innovative industrial cleaning solutions that enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and improve workplace safety. Contact us today to find the perfect vacuum system for your oil and chip recovery needs.

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