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Optimize Your Industrial Vacuum Process with Advanced Pre-Separators

Pre-separators are essential accessories when it comes to vacuum large quantities of material in an industrial plant: in fact, they allow to collect dusts or solids before they reach the vacuum cleaner, thus protecting both the main filter and the motor unit.

Delfin Industrial range of pre-separators includes filtering units that guarantee maximum safety even when dealing with more hazardous waste or pollutants such as fumes, mists, odors of various nature, granulometry, humidity, density or temperature. The several discharge systems available (e.g. manual non continuous, electropneumatic continuous or non-continuous) allow the safe and quick discharge of material in the collection system (such as container, chassis for discharge in BIG BAG or Endless Bag). The forklift intakes allow to move the separator from the collection to the discharge point when placed in different areas of a plant. Conversely, the floor/wall-mounted pre-separators or the hoppers on chassis can be easily emptied in a container or a Big Bag.

Choose among the many options available on request (e.g. level and filter sensors, control panels and pneumatic vibrator) and customize the most suitable pre-separator for your specific application requirements! See your production efficiency increase and your work environment being cleaner and safer. Our experts are always at your disposal to guide you through the entire process:

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