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Advanced Solutions for Airborne Particle Control

Elevate Your Operation’s Safety and Efficiency with Delfin’s Innovative Technology

In modern manufacturing environments, effective removal of airborne dust particles is crucial for maintaining a safe and efficient operation. Delfin’s portable dust collectors are engineered to meet this challenge head-on, offering unparalleled versatility and performance.

Our portable dust collectors are specifically designed for seamless integration with production lines facing cleaning challenges from various materials, including:

  • Aluminum chips
  • PVC dust
  • Metal shavings
  • Wood particles

Why Choose Delfin’s Portable Dust Collectors?

Our portable industrial dust collectors combine maneuverability with cutting-edge engineering, offering advantages that traditional static dust collectors simply can’t match:

  • Direct integration capabilities with production lines
  • Antistatic filters for enhanced safety
  • Integrated filtering system for superior particle capture
  • Versatile collection of various materials (aluminum, PVC, metal, wood)
  • Large filter surfaces for improved efficiency
  • Ergonomic extraction arm for direct, source-attached collection
  • ATEX certifications available for explosive environments
  • High airflow values for powerful suction
  • Innovative design for custom applications and easy maneuverability

Discover the Delfin Difference

Our portable dust collectors, like the advanced 560 models, offer a perfect blend of power, efficiency, and adaptability. They’re designed to enhance your operational safety while boosting productivity.

Ready to Revolutionize Your Dust Collection Process?

Experience the benefits of Delfin’s portable dust collectors for yourself. Whether you’re dealing with fine aluminum dust or bulky wood chips, we have the solution to keep your air clean and your operations running smoothly.

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