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Portable Dust Collectors & Cubes for Optimal Dust Control & Mitigation

Unlike industrial vacuum cleaners engineered with high water lift capabilities, industrial dust collectors are engineered with a high airflow rate (measured by m³/h), making them ideal for industrial plants that need to deal with airborn dust removal. Additionally, a dust collector is equipped with a fan as opposed to a bypass motor, brushless motor, or side-channel blower as utilized on an industrial vacuum.

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Keep Your Operation Clean & Safe With Dust Collection Systems from Delfin
At Delfin, we engineer our dust collectors and industrial vacuums to properly collect and contain dust for operational efficiency and safety protocols. Our collectors are manufactured with anti-static components for the mitigation of combustible dust and HEPA filters to help prevent silica dust from posing inhalation risks.

Check out our educational resources for more information on hazardous or combustible dust. You can also call or connect with our office online for questions about ordering.

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