Industrial Vacuum Solution for Additive Manufacturing


Delfin is always looking for being at the top of vacuum technology. Today, Delfin is presenting its new safety solution for additive manufacturing 3D printers, engineered in collaboration with leading players of the market.

Do additive manufacturing 3D printers need vacuum solutions?

The printer machine creates objects and prototypes into a chamber filled with sand or powder, depending on the morphology of the material. Once the product has been manufactured, several cleaning duties must be carried on, in order to:
– avoid product contamination within different batches of production
– obtain the best quality and cleanliness of the product
– save costs by recovering the unused clean powder
– guarantee cleanliness of the environment and safety for the operators

Which cleaning tasks can an industrial vacuum cleaner carry out on a 3D printer machine?

When the manufacturing process is over, there is some cleaning duty that must be carried out with an industrial vacuum cleaner:
– cleaning of the production cell, in order to avoid sand or powder contamination and recover the unused sand
– cleaning of the printer and the powder supply bin, in order to maintain the machine functionality
– floor cleaning, in case some dust fell on the floor behind the machine
– product final cleaning from dust residuals, guaranteeing the best quality of the product

Delfin range of industrial vacuum solutions for additive manufacturing

According to the kind of dust being used, Delfin engineered proper solutions to extract safely the residuals from the 3D printer.

Industrial vacuums for non-combustible, non-conductive dust

The powder is not harmful and can be easily recovered with any three-phase industrial vacuum cleaner equipped with high collection capacity and high filtration units.

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Industrial vacuums for combustible, non-conductive dust

The vacuum cleaner used to recover this kind of dust should be Atex zone 22 certified, in order to guarantee the safety of the operations. The zone 22 vacuum cleaners are always equipped with:
– antistatic filters
– complete earth grounding
and are always suitable for dust collection.

Industrial vacuums for combustible and conductive dust

Delfin offers two options for the combustible and conductive dust treatment.
The first one is the exclusive Atex Z20 certification related to the chamber of the vacuum cleaner, as a guarantee of a safe collection of combustible dust Double advantage: high performance and possibility to reuse the sucked dust after a sifting.
The second option is the inerting of combustible dust:  an inert fluid bath neutralizes the dust at their very first contact with the liquid, as soon as they reach the container.

Inert fluid bath for combustible dust

The new inert fluid bath system consists of a vacuum cleaner container (available also as independent separator) equipped with several filters, aimed to inert the sucked material and guarantee total safety during 3D printers cleaning and maintenance.
How does it work?
The extracted dust gets immersed directly into an inert oil, which makes it harmless. A sieve grid and a PPL filter allow to easily dispose of the collected material. Additional fiber filters protect from oil mists the upper part of the vacuum cleaner, while an overpressure safety guarantees the complete safety of the system, even in case something goes wrong with the inert bath.

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