flow pack

The focus of this case study is to show how Delfin Industrial’s vacuum cleaners helped achieve the customer’s goals when integrated on flow pack machinery.



The customer is an original manufacturer leading in high-quality solutions to process, mold and pack chocolate. In order for the company to obtain its reputation, there is significant importance that the high-quality equipment work to its best ability, therefore able to process, mold and pack chocolate.



For this customer, there were two problems that needed to be solved. Problem #1 was that the product did not stay still during the transport phase. Since it would not stay still, this would cause imperfections and dust to spread both in the production line and in the work environment. Problem #2 was that the customer needed to find a solution to remove the extra air before sealing the product. This was important to the customer because removing the air would help guarantee the product to be the best quality and preserved well.


Solution #1 – Mistral 4533

Thanks to the grid belt and a connection placed under the belt, we were able to:

-Eliminate all the unnecessary movement of the product

-Suck product remains directly from the production line, keeping the line clean and efficient


Mistral 4533 is one of the most compact and powerful three-phase industrial vacuum cleaners on the market.

Compact and silent, it has been designed on years of experience in the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries, where it is often used for fixed application on third parties machines.

Main features:

-Complete steel construction, extremely safe

-An integrated filter cleaning system

-Pressure relief valve to protect from overheating of the motor

-Valve to manually calibrate the vacuum


Solution #2 – DBFV10

The fixed base on this machine guarantees the removal of extra air on the flow pack machinery and just before sealing the package it:

-Sucks air from the package before it gets sealed

-Guarantees the standard and top quality products to having no waste


DBFV10 belongs to the DirectX range, specifically designed for applications as the constant recovery of processing waste from almost any kind of machinery: from the packaging industry to the food industry and paper processing. Thanks to its vertical structure and to its modularity, the DBFV10 can support machinery on production lines while creating not even the smallest clogging.

Main features:

-Low noise level

-Complete integration on processing lines

-Pressure relief valve to protect from motor overheating

-Valve to manually calibrate the vacuum power


The two solutions provided the customer with a 30% increase in production line efficiency, 100% quality and cleanliness of the product and zero percent of that product was wasted.


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