This week, FPSA hosts the largest event in the food processing and packaging industry.

FPSA Process Expo

It’s an ever-changing industry.

The food and beverage processing and packaging industry evolves very quickly. Companies like Delfin passionately align themselves with new innovations in safety and technology to guarantee they’re providing the safest and most effective solutions.

In many ways, companies that achieve these goals are often influenced by FPSA. The Food Processing Suppliers Association (FPSA) is one of the highest regarded associations for manufacturers and suppliers. It supports business and professional development as part of its mission to secure the potential for future industry growth.

Among the six primary industry segments FPSA integrates with are bakery, beverage, dairy, prepared foods, meat and pet food. Featured focus groups include women in food, technology, safety, young professionals and packaging.

Scott Boersma, COO of Delfin Industrial Corporation, is a supporter for growth in the FPSA community and believes in the value it creates for business. He has been an active member for over six years and is currently serving on the baking council.

“Delfin does business with every segment of the food and beverage industry, including the core six industry segments that FPSA integrates with,” says Boersma.

“My favorite part about being a member is that it’s helped me make connections with partners, and it’s opened my eyes to opportunities in complementary markets.

Anyone striving to know more about any aspect of the food industry should join FPSA, and it’s a great platform for teaching as well as learning.

The amount of resources available to members is vast compared to other associations. Everyone is very insightful, and there is a true demand for senior members to share their knowledge with the next wave of up and coming professionals.”

Process Expo

FPSA shows are available to non-members. Process Expo is the largest event dedicated to food and beverage processing and packaging. This year’s event is happening this week, Oct 8 -11 and is located at McCormick Place in Chicago. The next #ProcessExpo will be in 2021.

Up to 15,000 attendees are expected this year, so it’s a great chance to do some networking and get some firsthand exposure to the latest technology and integrated solutions. Both new and veteran attendees can take part in training on safety, processing trends and leadership.

Stop by booth #2474!

If you’re in the area and want to stop by, you’re welcome to use our guest pass to attend for free. You can register here with code 97554.

Delfin offers many solutions for food processing and packaging such as:

  • NRTL certified explosion-proof vacuums (div. 1 and div. 2 locations)
  • Oven cleaning
  • Central vacuum systems
  • Dust collectors with localized suction
  • Color-coded accessories
  • Vacuums for production lines
  • Pneumatic conveyance

Can’t make it? You can also download our brochure to see our full range of NRTL certified systems.