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Industrial vacuum cleaners, unlike ordinary shop vacuums, are instruments of efficiency necessary for any kind of business. It is however fundamental to use the right vacuum cleaner for every application, in order to maximize results. For this reason Delfin has always offered its customers free inspections. Whether you need a centralized vacuum system or a three motors industrial vacuum cleaner, our  sales managers are always available to visit your company and advise the best solution.

Custom Solutions

With more than 130 different industrial vacuum cleaners in our range Delfin can provide the right solution to any need. And if it is not in the catalog? No problem we engineer and manufacture a vacuum cleaner to fit your needs. We always do. Delfin also can design, engineer and provide centralized vacuum systems, which allows more operators to work at the same time. Depending on your needs, the application and budget we can find the right answer, together.

A world of Services

The advantage of owning a Delfin vacuum cleaner does not stop at a fine quality machine, at a fast shipping and a 2 year warranty. Delfin always guarantees a fast and accurate service. We know that our vacuum cleaners become indispensable tools in your daily work. For this reason Delfin is committed to respond to your questions in less than 24 hours, without filters or bureaucratic procedures.


Delfin industrial vacuum cleaners are built according to a process certified ISO 9001 for quality, in a production environment that respects the environment. All our vacuum cleaners are 100% MADE IN ITALY and are manufactured with painted steel or stainless steel for a proven time-tested duration. Delfin also has the largest range of ATEX certified vacuums, for the safety of those who work in areas at risk of explosion.




Since 1991 our industrial vacuums solve the problems of companies and professionals around the world.



... and endless customized solutions. Delfin is a specialized industrial vacuum manufacturer because it can always provide the right solution . Guaranteed.



In Delfin we are moved by a passion for what we do every day, our industrial vacuum cleaners. Today as the first day.

What do you need to vacuum?

Tell us what you need to vacuum and we will recommend the best possible solution.