TC 600

The TC 600 puts together all the main features from the Tecnoil machines: an ample sieve grid for metal scraps, great liquid recovery capacity, an electric discharge pump for liquids ejecting, etc.. . This Tecnoil model furtherly improve the sizes of the tank and adds a tilting hopper for an easy disposal of solid material.

  • Great performances even in continuous duty applications.
  • Massive volume recovery capacity. 
  • Powerful Indipendent discharge pump.
  • Available option for oil filtration down to 6 microns.
  • Able to recover big quantities of dense oil, swarf and sludge.
  • Integrated tilting hopper for easy recovery and disposal of solid material (chips, shavings etc.)



Voltage¹ V - Hz 460 - 60 3ph
Power HP (kW) 17 (12.6)
Electrical protection IP 55
Max waterlift inH2O (mmH2O) 236 (6000)
Continuous water lift mmH2O 213 (5400)
Max air flow m³/h 344 (585)
Suction inlet in (mm) 2.4 (60)
Liquids capacity gal. (lt.) 161 (610)
Solids capacity gal. (lt.) 20 (75)
Noise level (EN ISO 3744) dB(A) 78
Dimensions in (cm) WxLxH 28x77x77 (195x72x195)
Weight lb (kg) 893 (405)
Oil mist filter 3D Superweb
Diameter in (mm) 20 (500)
Media, filtration Polypropilene - 5µm
Surface, diameter ft2 (m2) 21 (2)