The DG50 EXP ASBESTOS is the direct result of Delfin’s twenty years of expertise in the construction of three phase industrial vacuum cleaners. Thanks to the  TÜV H ASBEST certification, the DG 50 EXP ASBESTOS can vacuum fine and toxic dust (like the most dangerous one: asbestos dust) to secure the workerLarge capacity, power and robustness make it a safe investment for any enterprise.
  • Industrial vacuum to safely collect all the asbestos dust.
  • Maintenance free motor suitable for 24/7 continuous duty.
  • Can vacuum dust, liquid and solid material at the same time.
  • High surface star filter with intergated filter cleaning and filter efficiency detector.
  • High capacity detachable container with possibility of using disposable bags 
  • Class M filter
  • Class H14 filter